About The Maker

Hi, I'm Amanda,

The Creator, Maker and all things of Whiteloft Ceramics. I have always been interested in the arts. Started by loving interior decorating, and fashion. I love creating things, working with my hands and expressing myself through art.

Being a mom is of course my first passion and knowing I would return back to work eventually after having babies it did not interest me going back to something just for a paycheque. I wanted to create a lifestyle I enjoy and love the work I had to do.

I decided to follow my passion and it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done. I started Whiteloft Ceramics in March 2020. I took the time to learn everything about pottery and dove in headfirst. Creating ceramics has been a wonderful creative outlet for me.

My goal is to continue to create functional pottery. Ceramic pieces that we can use every day. I love making mugs the most. Each step from throwing the mug to attaching the handles is so therapeutic and rewarding once it’s all finished. My preferred style is a  minimalist design that enhances soft inviting designs and colours.

My creations are timeless and allow all of my customers to build their collections and pass down pieces through the years and bring a sense of warmth to each home that buys my ceramics.

 I just want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to take a look around, follow my journey and continue to support my passion by creating functional ceramics.